Council Approval

Local Council building approval is required for all swimming pools, structures and boundary walls and, depending on the council’s policy, you may also require planning approval.

eScape will take away the stress of applying for your council approval, by managing all aspects of this process, to ensure that all correct drawings and relevant forms are completed in the correct manner. We will take care of all drawings, fees and the submission creating a seamless application process.

Your Local Council Requirements

As a builder or developer you may not be aware that some new policies require you to submit a landscaping plan to council that has been signed off by a landscape architect.

Landscaping requirements vary dramatically between councils with different focuses on drainage, tree placement, bushfire proofing, canopy retention and streetscaping. At eScape, we design your landscape with careful reference to your local council’s policies.

Developers & Council Requirements

Whether it be a residential or commercial project, eScape has the ability and expertise to liaise with all authorities & consultants, review their recommendations and implement a set of documents that meet the council’s stringent requirements.

We can even prepare reports and attend council meetings to showcase our design intent and highlight where the requirements have been met.

Do I Need To Submit My Plans To Council?

• Pool & barrier
• Structures eg. Patio or pergola
• Boundary Walls or retaining
• Strata or Unit development

• Parks &/or verges
• Playgrounds or Childcare centres
• Any other commercial project such as schools, hospitals etc