Landscape Construction Perth

With an experienced team of builders, carpenters, electricians, horticulturalists and irrigation specialists, we ensure attention to detail in all facets of every project to produce your very own luxurious outdoor space.

Step 1 | Construction Stage

eScape employ highly skilled staff who understand and have the ability to install all aspects of hard or soft landscape elements for your project. This allows eScape to control the timing and quality of the progress, as well as flexibility to allow for variations and upgrades for our clients whilst underway.

At construction stage, we provide you with a detailed scope of work and quote outlining:

  • Agreement of the commencement of construction works.
  • Product and material selections, confirming quantities and finishes.
  • An itemised breakdown of the project to assist with value management.

Step 2 | Project Management – Keeping you informed

All aspects of project management are taken care of by us, ensuring a smooth process during the construction phase, whether it be an eScape design or independent designer, whilst maintaining close communications with the clients, providing regular updates and information about your project.

Step 3 | Completion

We have an excellent success rate working with clients to complete projects to the highest quality with immaculate attention to detail for final handover.

We provide the client with maintenance schedules to ensure the client understands the the specific requirements for each material finish, irrigation system and pool care.

Our goal is to complete each project to specifications and on budget with a quality approach and advice on how best to maintain your project as it matures into the project vision over time.